When your pen matches your book

A fountain pen rests on the cover a book. The pen is a Nahvalur Original Plus, a partially-transparent 'demonstrator' pen. The book is 'A Prayer for the Crown-Shy' by Becky Chambers. The gold, blue, and green color scheme of the cover illustration matches the gold banding on the pen and the turquoise ink it's filled with.

Sometimes it's the small victories. When I'm annotating a book(Note: Becky Chambers' fantastic A Prayer for the Crown-Shy.)with a pen(Note: A Nahvalur Original Plus, a recent find that I'm liking so far, especially with the Pilot Iroshizuku Syo-Ro (turquoise) ink it's filled with here.)that matches its cover, I can bask in the feeling (or at least the pleasant illusion) that the various parts of my life are working together.