Finished a new sketchbook

The finished sketchbook, closed.

I finished a new sketchbook last night! I've been meaning to make a new one for myself for awhile but kept getting sidetracked on other things.

Finally done.

The block, cover fabric, and thread for my new sketchbook.

I decided on black and beige cover fabric, with red bands and ribbon.

Handmade paper I like to use for endpapers

…and I had this handmade swirly paper on the closet, which I’ve used often for endpapers.

The glued block, with ribbons attached.

Adding the bands and gluing the block.

The finished sketchbook, opened to reveal the endpapers

The endpapers, glued in place. Unfortunately that paper is pretty thin so it wrinkled when I brushed on the glue, even though I tried really hard to use the glue really sparingly. Oh well.

The finished sketchbook, open.

Finished! I thought I’d try a midtone paper for this sketchbook, so I could draw with black ink, as usual, but also use white ink or crayon for highlights. I’ve always liked the look of midtone grounds and hope to experiment more with it here. We’ll see.